Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Intro Presentation

    1. 1.1- Intro to Branding

    2. Module 1.2-Elements of Successful Marketing & Branding Images

    3. Module 1 Assignment & Download

    4. Module 1 Presentation

    1. 2.1- Understanding Posing & Body Language

    2. 2.2 Where to Use Your Branding Images & Downloads

    3. Module 2 Assignment & Download

    4. Module 2-Presentation

    1. 3.1 Open Space & Color Psychology

    2. 3.2 Intro to Resolution & Optimization

    3. Module 3 Assignment

    4. Module 3 Presentation

    1. 4.1 & 4.2 Content Creation

    2. 4.3 Hooks & Calls to Action

    3. Module 4 Assignment

    4. Module 4 Presentation

    1. You Did It!!

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Here's what other entrepreneurs are saying about this course...

“Elena's course was an eye opener for me. I post sporadically as something pops in my head which doesn't always boost my brand. Taking this course helped me to re-focus on who I am, what's my "WHY?" and how I want to help my clients. It really was the icing on the cake - teaching me how to use my branding photos properly and how to plan my content well. Thank you Elena for this amazing tool!”

Jacky C., Owner of Custom Clean Ups, LLC

“I learned so much in this mini-course. From understanding how to use my branding photos to creating them, I feel better equipped to brand my business visually. The downloads were super helpful and Elena is AMAZING! I highly recommend taking this course. ”

Amarilys M., Owner of AMA Behavioral Consulting

“"Elena has hit it out of the park with this mini-course! She shares great information teaching you how to brand yourself for marketing purposes in an easy to understand format. She has a wealth of knowledge that she has poured into this course! Well worth the time and money spent!"”

Kendra K., Owner of Konitzer Business Solutions

“"Elena's Branding Through the Lens course is excellent for those wanting to use photos to present a cohesive branding strategy. Elena offers an easy-to-follow format, with great supporting materials that help you to implement what you learn immediately. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to maximize their photography investment and take their branding to the next level. "”

Barb P., Owner of You Organized by Barb